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What is Sesame?

Quick overview of what sesame is and why we are offering
Open Source Components

Sesame is OptiSol Business Solutions’ way of expressing gratitude to the open-source community by giving back via open-source IPs. Since inception, we have been patronizing open-source frameworks and have helped many startups and enterprise realize their digital dreams. As we have grown older, we thought we need to stretch our hands by giving back to the community. The components are built and maintained by OptiSol using open source programming languages and are open for downloads without any license restrictions. We are grateful to our pioneers and thought leaders and look forward to following their footprints!

How it works?

A three step process - We have made it simple

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

Download the
source code

About OptiSol

We are an IT services firm offering DIGITAL solutions for Startups and Enterprises. We are experts in custom web and mobile application design & development, Artificial Intelligence and product implementations. We are a team of about 300+ employees with development center in India and global offices in US, Ireland, Sweden, Dubai, UK, and Australia. We have been in operations for about 10+ years now and we have built about 200+ web applications and 80+ mobile applications. Our development methodology is driven by design thinking with tools for collaboration and our key differentiator is our People.

Sesame Open Source Packages