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The SDK to scan QR/Barcode from edge mobile applications. No required Internet. This SDK is available to download Gradle /AAR / Maven build that can be integrated with Android Native mobile app that requires scanning feature.

OptiScan-Powered mobile apps significantly outperform other scanning software solutions on any device under any condition with any type of Barcodes. Since it’s developed using advanced technology ML and Computer vision the performance will be faster and reliable.

Barcode scanning technology makes it possible to scan barcodes from any angle. Working range will be recognized a barcode from anywhere on the screen no matter where it’s placed. It can be close or far away from the camera.

Features :

  • We have integratedMachine learning (ML) model & Computer Vision to detect QR/Barcode in effective way.
  • Ability to scan Barcode / QRCode (Any Code) in the same camera view and support to scan for specific to by enabling simple flag.
  • Low light environment images will be identified done using Computer Vision. So scanner can be identified image codes from very low light environments.
  • Shall be able to scan very small size Barcode / QRcode with applied algorithm which will be perform better than a very familiar commercial code scanners available in the market.
  • Customized Super Resolution applied in core algorithm and added Image enhancement process which will automatically improves your low-quality images using an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) method based on deep neural networks
  • Computer Vision Pre-Processing applied for decoding the Barcode/QRCode images to get more accurate results with better performance.
  • We shall be able to detect the barcode from a long distance up to the mark of 6 feet distance normal to get accurate results. Ability to scan normal sized EAN & UPC code at 8 feet distance.
  • Have a demo version ready to download and see about how the app works for both Bar / QR codes.
  • You have a UI window to see the scanned details onboard along with code type.
  • Shall have an option on landing page to choose the type of scanning to make detection and decode codes as we want if any specific.
  • Available Flashlight feature support to give more accurate support during very low light to improve the detection and decode rating.
  • Inbuilt Auto Exposure feature support applied with algorithms which will do auto adjustment based on your environment lightings.
  • Camera Exposure can be controlled by option swapping screen left to right over the screen.
  • Provisioning all controls in this framework to handle camera screen along with successful decode beep Everything can be enabled/disabled and modified.
  • Provision to make Single or Continuous Scan.
  • Scans 1D, 2D Barcodes and the support formats given below.
  • Play store link –

Supported All Major Barcode Types:1D: Code 39 (including Code 39 Extended), Code 93, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Databar, Patch code, DataMatrix, PDF417.2D: QR Code Numeric, Alphanumeric, Kanji, URL, MeCard, vCard, Calendar Event, WIFI, Geo Location, Phone call, Email, SMS,MATMSG


Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Databar, Patch code, DataMatrix, PDF417


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November 9, 2021
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